Embedded FEM, Optimal Control, Random Input Data



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Research Project

Grant number: 61/5053-1115

Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) have always been the subject of extended study. Their prominence in Computational Mathematics is readily explained, since they arise naturally in most scientific fields, including natural, biomedical and engineering disciplines, among others. Since the solution of PDEs in closed form using mostly analytical techniques is rarely accomplished in practice, Numerical Analysis is principally concerned with yielding approximate solutions, while maintaining reasonable bounds on errors.

The purpose of this project is to investigate how state-of-the-art embedded/immersed unfitted mesh finite element methods provide reliable approximations of PDE problems. In particular, optimal control problems with PDEs as constraints will be considered, focusing both in numerical analysis and implementation.

The proposed research is carried out in:
School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences,
Department of Mathematics. Building E.
National Technical University of Athens,
Zografou Campus, 15780 Athens, Greece.

The project* is funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation.

*Use of the GRNET (National Infrastructures for Research and Technology) High Performance Computing Services .