Name                     Antonios Charalambopoulos

Citizenship             Greek

Born                       September 19, 1965, in Greece


                              Professor in Differential Equations,

                              National Technical University of Athens, School of Applied

                              Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Dept. of

                              Mathematics, 15780 Athens, GREECE

                               Tel : 3-210 7721743

e-mail :

Previous Positions

2002-2012              Professor in PDE’s and Integral equations,

                              University of Ioannina, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Greece

1999-2002              Visiting Professor as a collaborative member of

                              the Academic Research Staff of the Hellenic Open University, Greece

1997- 2002             Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics (PDE’s and Integral Eqs.), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,

                              Polytechnic School, Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Greece

1995- 1997              Postdoctoral Researcher

FORTH/ICE-HT, Patras, Greece

• Teaching Assistant,  University of Patras, Dept. of

Chemical  Engineering, Greece

1993-1995                             Visiting Teacher in the Military Academy Engineering

School, Greece




Academic Studies           

1990-92                  Ph. D in Applied Mathematics  

National Technical University of Athens, Greece   

1988-89                  M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics

                              Brown University, Providence, USA

1983-88                  Dipl. Ing. in Electrical Engineering

                              National Technical University of Athens, Greece                                  


Academic Administration  

2013-2015                   Director of the interdisciplinary graduate program “Applied 

                                    Mathematical Sciences, NTUA

2004-2012                   Director of the Scientific Laboratory “Mathematical Modeling

                                    and Scientific Computing”, University of Ioannina 

2006-2008                   Director of the interdisciplinary graduate program “Material’s

                                    Science and Engineering”, University of Ioannina

2005-2007 and

2007-2009                   President of the Dept. of Material’s Science and Engineering,

                                    University of Ioannina



Areas of Interest     Direct and Inverse Scattering problem for Acoustics,

Electromagnetism and Elasticity, Mathematical Modeling,

Partial differential equations (general theory, Boundary Value Problems),

Integral Equations, applications of P.D.Es and Scattering theory to biomechanics,

Enhanced theories of gradient elasticity and applications to Biomechanics and materials engineering.


Teaching Evaluation