Scope & Organizing Institutions

The goal of this international cross-disciplinary conference is to enable exchange of methods and ideas as well as exploration of fundamental research problems in the wide fields of knot theory and low-dimensional topology, from theoretical to applications in sciences like biology and physics, and to provide high quality interactions across fields and generations of researchers, from graduate students to the most senior researchers. Graduate students and new PhD's working in these fields are especially encouraged to participate. This conference will also provide a convenient opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Professor Louis H. Kauffman, who reached the age of 70 in February 2015.

The Conference is organized by the National Technical University of Athens with the co-organization of the Hellenic Mathematical Society, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education. The Conference builds on the legacy of the “Knots in Hellas '98” held at the European Cultural Center of Delphi, Greece.

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Dates & Venue

The conference will be held at the International Olympic Academy, Ancient Olympia, Greece, 17 - 23 July 2016. The IOA is a conference center situated next to the ancient stadium and to the museum that hosts Hermes of Praxitelis. To visit the map for the International Olympic Academy click here.

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Venue - The conference will be held at the International Olympic Academy, Ancient Olympia, Greece

Ancient Olympia is a unique landmark for modern sport that directly refers to the history of the Olympic Games. The archaeological sites in this region of the Peloponnese (including the ancient stadium) and the museums with their rich finds (such as the Hermes of Praxiteles) are a major tourist attraction, not only for their link to the philosophy of Olympism that flourished in ancient Greece, but also for the region’s broader symbolism. See also the map. It was therefore natural for the revivers of the Olympic Games to choose this site for the creation of the International Olympic Academy, a cultural and educational centre of international renown whose objective is to disseminate the values and principles of Olympism and to broaden the knowledge on the subjects of this humanist philosophy. In the IOA lies the heart of Pierre de Coubertin.

The International Olympic Academy hosts each year a series of international sessions attended by young people from all over the world, representatives of sports institutions, and special courses on peace, international relations, humanitarian law and other scientific subjects related to the sociological impact of Olympism on our modern world. The IOA facilities in Ancient Olympia are situated in an area of 9000 square metres and include:
  • The conference hall “Otto Szymiczek” of 110 seats with the provision of simultaneous translation in 4 languages
  • The amphitheater “Dimitrios Vikelas” of 450 seats with the provision of simultaneous translation in 8 languages
  • A Conference Centre (1800 m2) built in 3 levels
  • 2 teaching rooms of 40 seats each (which can be divided in 4 rooms)
  • 2 additional teaching rooms of 20 seats each
  • A library with study areas
  • An IT room
  • Wide Wi-Fi coverage
  • An administration wing
  • Rooms with the provision of accommodating up to 280 persons
  • Sports facilities including a swimming pool
  • Restaurant and cafeteria
For more information please visit the official web-site as well as the following link. For a map click here